When my parents named me Alexandra they never imagined it would evolve from the shortened version, Al, to Albert… and now i’m mostly known as Bertsy or Wee Bertsy by my lovely Scottish friends. I’m happy with any version!

I’m a full time non-bossy, Yorkshire Tea drinking wedding photographer from Bolton with an obsession for whippets and a growing collection of plants that are slowly turning my home into a jungle.

I’ve been photographing weddings for the last 7 years. I’m well known for my smile and my calming vibes and also my camera harness which makes me look like a nerdy Lara Croft. I love weddings that are full to the brim with love and feelings. Whether small and intimate or epic and bold, I enjoy finding out how you work as a couple and documenting each different story.

It’s important that we meet so we can get to know each other. Usually by the end of a wedding I end up becoming an adopted family member/ extra bridesmaid. I’m yet to be invited to a Sunday Roast but I’ve been offered a chair at the top table more than once!! My fancy camera harness lets me drop my cameras safely so I can pick up veils and fix button holes. I love my job, I love being there for you, observing and helping out where I need to and obviously being there to document it all. I can’t wait to meet you.